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FIBROT Mission

Our mission is to seek peace and concentration by neural impulses in changing colors. Each color run different stimulus and creates different moods. We have created apps and devices to help you throw away the stress and find serenit

New think you need on your mobile

The amazing FIBROT concept

Your product is composed of three things. Equipment (lenses), mobile applications and color video to help you achieve better sleep, concentration, thinking,

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Support us, and change the way you’r using mobile

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Lukas Valek

EURID web awards finalist. Student Traveler young businessman and developer.

Roman Gresak

Former PR specialist that currently businesses in different areas.


Our big inspirator. He give us an idea. Release the tension in our team.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Also connect your device to FIBROT here, right you can run it off your mind in the right direction

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Media contact:
Lukas Valek
+421 911 151 442
Email: media@fibrot.com

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